Ceramic Filter Cone

The classic and beautiful ceramic filter cone. It’s a very easy way to brew coffee at home and in the office. We love the clean result in every cup. These beauties are made here in Thailand and they are the ones we use for brewing in our store.


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Here is how to brew delicious filter coffee at home:

Step 1. Place a filter paper into the cone and onto a jug/cup. Pour some boiling water through it to pre-heat the equipment and to remove any taste from the filter paper. Discard the water before moving on.

Step 2. Put 20 grams of fresh coffee (approximately 2 heaped table spoons) into the centre of the cone.

Step 3. Gently pour some water over the coffee, just to cover the grounds. Wait for around 15 seconds to allow the coffee to breath and bubbled – this is the bloom stage.

Step 4. Before the cone drains completely, pour more water slowly over the coffee making small circles around, every 30 second for 5 times.

Grinding level: Medium Level.

Brewing time: 3 minute.

Coffee quantity: a cup of 250 ml.

Water temperature: 94 °C.

Note: Feel free to play with the quantities and adapt the cup according to your favourite taste.